Find Your Future - EIF Middle School Program

The Education is Freedom (EIF) Middle School program is designed to foster post-secondary awareness and consideration among students and their families. By designing and implementing a tailored, hands-on, real-world curriculum, EIF:

equips students for the transition to high school. Helping to decrease drop-out rates in the 9th grade.

mentors students and families through customized curriculum tailored to meet the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills requirements.

provides students with the guidance needed to enroll in appropriate high school courses/ HB5 endorsements.

• recognizes students for their exemplary academic achievements. 

Evidence of Impact

99.5% of our middle school students attended workshops or received information about the state legislative HB5 initiative. 97.5% of parents attended workshops or received information about HB5. 95% of our middle school students completed their graduation plans with  parental support. 

 Current Middle Schools we serve:

Dallas Independent School District:

  • Piedmont G.L.O.B.A.L. Academy

Grand Prairie Independent School District

  • John Adams Middle School 
  • Fanning Middle School
  • Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute
  • Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy
  • Andrew Jackson Middle School
  • Kennedy Middle School
  • Reagan Middle School
  • Harry S. Truman Middle School 

Academic Recognition


EIF hosts one academic recognition events within each high school during the school year to publicly honor and reward student academic achievement in order to create and maintain a culture of learning that will extend beyond high school. Recognition events are held in a similar fashion to a pep rally usually reserved for sports, and provide students with a chance to cheer for and celebrate their peers for their hard work in school. Students who are recognized at events inherently serve as role models to other students.

Recognition Event Activities

  • Academic Prizes
  • Certificates, Medals, Graduation cords, etc
  • Honor Roll Raffles
  • Student Recognition

Who doesn't like getting rewarded for a job well done-especially when those rewards come in the form of academic tools, new laptop computers and other prizes? Our Academic Recognition events in middle school and high school make getting the grades cool.


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